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Welcome Home to 25 South Boutiques!

With 5 locations across Newtown and Peddler’s Village in Pennsylvania,
25 South Boutiques offer a range of apparel and accessories from artfully curated collections,
international designers, formal wear, trending and season styles, denim, athleisure and sportswear,
and unique pieces for your every day wardrobe.

Our distinctly unique shopping experiences have been brought to you online by offering this
comprehensive selection of carefully curated designer pieces. Each season, each of our
25 South Boutiques are filled with collections of day and evening wear designed to set you
apart and make you feel confident, comfortable and content that you look your very best.

There is nothing that replaces our live in-person shopping experience,
but this collection represents some of our best-selling pieces to wear and enjoy.


Galina, David & the Team at 25 South 


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